lunedì 11 gennaio 2010


Rosi Gaudiano (born in 1966), her nom de guerre Togaci, is an Italian artist based in Turin.  She was trained there under the guidance of Mauro De Celia, a master painter.  Eclectic in spirit, she became a teacher at the Goldsmith School, where she experimented in every field, from painting to photography.   Her artistic themes often hinge around the social, and are inspired by solitude and the lack of communication between persons; around the body, too, understood as the home of memories and communication.
These topics mean a lot to her.  She is living in Rome, where she helps young talents to emerge amid the stormy seas of contemporary art.

Marco Lipford, born in Rome towards the end of the '70s, has always been very interested in all creative fields, from the love for drawing to computergraphics, arriving to his degree in communication. He also attended various comic schools in Rome developing a particular style. Since 2004 he became interested in literary communication and publishing.

In every writing of his, be that a short story, poetry or haiku, the focus is always on the transmission of an unfrequent view of things (even at the cost of raising controversy), and the reflections on connection between appearance and reality are treated with unexpected depth.

In 2006 he joined the group of actors part of the "Piccolo Re di Roma" theater in Rome.

So the aim of this art "combo" is, through any possible and meaningful form of art, to offer multidimensional and unusual visions to finally understand art is never static and framed in one only context, but can and has to move and meet the most of what is out there.